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Keno Game Rules

Keno Pulsz Game Rules at Pulsz


Pulsz Keno is an exciting lottery-style game that has gained popularity around the world. Pulsz offers various versions of Keno, each with its own rules and payout tables. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the different game versions of Keno and provide step-by-step instructions on how to play Keno at Pulsz.

Different Game Versions of Keno

1. Classic Keno: This is the most common version of Keno played at Pulsz. It involves selecting numbers from a range and waiting for the draw to see if your chosen numbers match the winning numbers. Payouts depend on how many numbers you have matched.

2. Power Keno: Power Keno is similar to Classic Keno but offers additional Pulsz Bonus features. In Power Keno, you have the option to select a Power Ball, which gives your winnings a multiplier when it appears in the draw. This version adds an extra layer of excitement and bigger potential payouts.

3. Super Keno: Super Keno is a variation of Classic Keno that allows players to win larger prizes by choosing a Superball. If the Superball is drawn, your winnings will be multiplied. Super Keno offers higher payout potential but requires an additional bet on the Superball.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Play Keno at Pulsz

1. Choose your Keno version: Decide which version of Keno you want to play – Classic Keno, Power Keno, or Super Keno – based on your preference and desired level of excitement.

2. Place your bets: Determine how much you want to wager on each round of Keno. Adjust the bet size using the betting controls provided.

3. Select your numbers: Choose the numbers you believe will be drawn in the upcoming round. The range of numbers available to choose from may vary depending on the Keno version you selected.

4. Set the number of rounds: Decide how many rounds you want to play with your chosen numbers. You can select a single round or use the “Quick Pick” option to randomly generate numbers for multiple rounds.

5. Pulsz Review your selections: Before confirming your bet, double-check the numbers you have chosen, the bet amount, and the number of rounds. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure accuracy.

6. Start the game: Once you are satisfied with your selections, click the “Play” or “Start” button to begin the Keno round. The game will randomly draw winning numbers and display them on the screen.

7. Check your results: After the draw is complete, compare the drawn numbers to the numbers you have selected. If your chosen numbers match the drawn numbers, you win a prize based on the payout table for the specific Keno version you are playing.

8. Continue playing: If you have selected multiple rounds, the game will automatically move on to the next round. Repeat steps 4-7 until all rounds are completed.

9. Cash out or play again: Once you have finished playing, you can choose to cash out your winnings or continue playing by placing new bets using the same or different numbers.


Keno at Pulsz offers an enjoyable and potentially rewarding gaming experience. Understanding the different game versions, following the step-by-step instructions, and reviewing the payout tables will Pulsz Help you make informed decisions and enhance your chances of winning. Good luck and enjoy playing Keno at Pulsz!